Original Brands Oversea Brands

  • ERECTA Shelving SystemERECTA

    Erecta brand integrates superior quality and high performance with good design. It offers a wide range of products for diverse storage and transportation requirements.
    The products contain highly versatile shelves that ensure functionality, mobility, resistance to loads and the ideal finish for hygiene. The level and quantity of shelves can be fully customized according to the requirements and location within the premises.
    In addition, products made of SUS304 stainless steel are available that are highly resistant to rust and chemicals. By attaching casters or dollies, the shelves can be used as transportation racks.

  • PT Flex CartsPT FLEX

    PT Flex carts are made of a lightweight, easy-to-handle aluminum material that is alumite-treated. They are hygienic and highly resistant to oxidation and erosion. They realize the efficient storage/transportation system of the next generation by accommodating a flexible combination of pans and trays, including food boxes and hotel pans.


    Erecta carts cater for a range of purposes. They respond flexibly to needs, and offer advanced storage/transportation systems. The appealing diversity of products provides many combinations of shelf boards and casters.

  • Service Carts

    Erecta’s serving carts are committed to improving the convenience for staff so they can offer enjoyable meals at hospitals and welfare facilities. Our extensive range of carts for serving and collecting trays includes hot/cold insulation serving wagons that ensure the flavor of freshly made dishes, as well as room-temperature serving carts and tray collection carts. To improve hospital diet management, different ideas and considerations have been incorporated in an effort to enhance functionality, safety and hygiene.

  • Service Wagons

    Erecta’s Service Wagons are a high-quality series of products featuring the company’s own technologies based on a sophisticated level of expertise centered on quality. The product range covers all aspects of business in hotels and restaurants, from spaces that are seen by guests and customers to the backyard space, such as the kitchens. With an extensive range of products, we facilitate the rationalization and energy reduction in the flow of meals, food, fixtures and supplies and the flow of personal services.

  • NestainerNestainer

    Nestainer’s own rail-on-rail system ensures excellent resistance to earthquakes, which has already been demonstrated during the Hanshin-Awaji earthquake. This portable steel pallet can be assembled freely. The design permits storage by nesting, resulting in a reduction in the space used. In addition, the use of patented pentagonal pipes enhances workability and safety. There are now a greater number of optional parts that respond to different shapes of products to be stored and various needs. Nestainer is the name of trust and achievement.

  • ClipperHome ERECTA

    Clipper is an electrolyzed water generating device that generates washing water and disinfecting water. Two types of functional water (wash water and bacteria removal water) are generated from tap water and salt. By using those generated water for washing, it is possible to wash, disinfect, and bleach clothing without using detergents or softening agents at all. By the unique three-tank structure, impurities don't remain because the only necessary ingredients are extracted. As the result, no residue remains left in the laundered clothing and it's also gently to the skin and friendly to the people those annoying atopic dermatitis. Furthermore, the generated water can be utilized for disinfection and deodorization inside the facility. Clipper brings benefits to the facility by reducing laundry
    costs and preventing secondary infections. It’s a Muslim friendly products.

    ● It’s proven that the disinfecting water eliminates bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida, Bacillus cereus, Legionella bacteria.
    ● It also inactivates Norovirus at the gene level. Its high killing ability (or Virucidal effect) against Norovirus has been recognized.


    WASHBE is an innovative electrolyzed water machine that generates hand washing water and sterilizing water. Two kinds of functional water (hand-washing water and sterilizing water) are generated from tap water and adjuvant. Hands can be washed and sterilized with WASHBE using no soap or No Alcohol. By the unique three-tank structure, the only necessary ingredients are extracted. It's gentle to the hands because impurities won't be mixed to the waters, it’s the one of the features. Furthermore, automatic 30 second washout feature (15 seconds with washing water + 15 seconds with sterilizing water) makes it possible for each personnel to wash hands equally for 30 seconds, a standard washing time. It’s a Muslim friendly products because No Alcohol involved.

    ● It’s proven that the sterilizing water eliminates bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida, Bacillus cereus, Legionella bacteria.
    ● It also inactivates Norovirus at the gene level. Its high killing ability (or Virucidal effect) against Norovirus has been recognized.


    This steel shelving is a domestic version of Erecta for professional use, having been developed for more widespread use. New parts and accessories have been added to permit a wide variety of combinations of the component parts.

  • InterMetro Industries Corporation(PA, U.S.A.)

    For over 80 years, InterMetro (Metro) has been the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of storage and transport products in the Food Service, Commercial Products and Healthcare Industries. Founded in 1929, the company is headquartered in Wilkes -Barre, Pennsylvania, and has offices throughout the United States and internationally.
    From POC (point-of-care) and medication management solutions to a full line of automated medication dispensing equipment, heated cabinets, the latest innovations in shelving products and much more. Our focus is to provide complete solutions that optimize space, improve workflow and ensure safety. Our advanced technology provides green, cost effective and innovative products & services across the globe.
    InterMetro is a business unit of Emerson Electric Corporation, which is a Fortune 100 company with over 65 divisions, and 120, 000 employees, worldwide.

  • Rubbermaid Commercial Products(VA, U.S.A.)

    Rubbermaid Commercial Products, headquartered in Winchester, Va., is a manufacturer of innovative, solution-based products for commercial and institutional markets worldwide. Since 1968, RCP has pioneered technologies and system solutions in the categories of food services, sanitary maintenance, waste handling, material transport, away-from-home washroom, and safety products. RCP, an ISO 9001:2000 manufacturer, is part of Newell Rubbermaid's global portfolio of brands and continues to develop innovative products.
    Today, Rubbermaid Commercial Products continues to expand into product categories where brands matter and customers place a premium on innovation and offers the market a more substantial product offering, and best-of-breed business practices as a strong, successful partner.

  • Rieber GmbH & Co.(Reutlingen, Germany)

    Rieber GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Reutlingen, is one of the leading providers of kitchen solutions both for professional caterers and for private use at home.
    Rieber employs around 600 staff at four production sites in Reutlingen and Trebbin. Daughter companies are based in Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and the UK. Rieber is represented by partners in all European countries and in many countries worldwide.
    We put humans and food at the focus of our products & solutions, as well as the responsible use of limited resources such as energy, water and time. In this way, we achieve both high efficiency when it comes to cooking & serving as well as low overheads and high environmental compatibility.

  • Socamel Technologies(Renage, France)

    Aiding the distribution of meals in institutional and hospital catering, especially those dedicated to healthcare, has been at the heart of Socamel Technologies' work for more than 60 years.
    With this calling in mind, Socamel Technologies has set itself three major targets.
    Innovating by introducing cutting-edge technology (cook chill distribution, docking-station, meal tray trolleys, traceability, manageability, etc.) enables us to constantly improve working conditions for users of our products for the greater satisfaction of the patient. Innovating in services comes as second nature to all its teams: selling several thousand trolleys every year on the five continents allows them to ensure that when you are making a crucial equipment choice, you choose not only a quality product, but also a future contact point and partner for each person involved in meal distribution. Needs to be reliable at all stages, checking the situation from prior analysis of your requirements through to maintenance of the equipment supplied. Bringing clients extra peace of mind in the long term.

  • Vollrath Company, LLC(WI, U.S.A.)

    Whether you're a consultant, broadliner, purchaser, operations manager, dealer, proprietor, or chef, your work impacts how people experience a meal - wherever it's served. Vollrath works every day to make each component in that chain better, more efficient, and more inspired. We do it with a collection of exceptional people, industry-leading products, and helpful consultative services assembled for one purpose: to advance the art of hospitality.
    Choose Vollrath, and increase your ability to compete and thrive.
    Outperform every day.

  • Barth GmbH(Kirchheim/Teck, Germany)

    BARTH, a fast growing German company located in 73230 Kirchheim/Teck, offers a complete range of very robust and lightweight transportation and insulation boxes made of EPP and EPS as well as customized packaging solutions for transportation of food or temperature sensitive products.
    Individual developements combined with the experience direct from the manufacturer are main advantages for our customers.Since years THERMO FUTURE BOX stands for innovative and high quality products.