It all started in the 1950s with the "FURUSATO"Restaurant.

1957 The founder Ko Yanagiya moved from Gifu prefecture to Tokyo City, Meguro Ward a several hundred years old Gassho-style house and transformed it into a Japanese style restaurant.

Ko Yanagiya met for the first time "Erecta shelving."

1964 A Japanese style restaurant "FURUSATO" was opened in Hawaii, at Waikiki Grand Hotel.
Ko Yanagiya met the first version of Erecta shelving, the Standard Erecta.
1966 Erecta Shelving Japan Co., Ltd. was founded. The wire shelving started to be imported from the InterMetro Company, U.S.A and launched in Japan.
1968 InterMetro developed the "Super Erecta ® " shelving.

Erecta products expanded at the same time with the so-called "Japanese post-war economic miracle."

1970 The "Erecta Service Cart" (also called "room temperature" cart) was developed and launched.
1971 The "Super Erecta" started to be produced in Japan and a new era began.
1973 The Nestainer® stackable storage racks were launched.
1975 The Osaka Sales Office was opened to boost sales in the Kansai area.
1976 Erecta Company signed a distribution rights agreement with Rubbermaid from the U.S.A.

Erecta's business expanded from manufacturing to an integrated distribution system.

1981 Erecta assimilated Kawai Giken Company (later known as Erecta Kogyo Co., Ltd.)The plating process started within the newly opened company.
Sapporo Sales Office opened.
1982 Erecta Shelving Japan Co., Ltd. changed its name to the actual name, Erecta International Corporation.
Kawai Giken Company (later known as Erecta Kogyo Co., Ltd.) started the fully automated coating process line.
1984 Kawai Giken Company started the welding process internally to keep up with the sales increase.
1985 The "FRP type Service Cart" was developed and launched.
Nagoya Sales Office opened.
1986 Kawai Giken Company became Erecta Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Fukuoka Sales Office opened.
Super Erecta Shelving and Rubbermaid's Brute Container received the "Good Design" Award.
1987 Erecta Kogyo Co.,Ltd. invested in large automatic welding machines.
Kofu Logistics Center opened.
1988 Erecta signed a distribution rights agreement with the German Rieber Company and the product series named "Thermoport" started to be promoted in Japan.
Erecta sold 2,000,000 shelving units.

Erecta expanded towards the home-use shelving systems.

1990 Erecta established a new large coating line.
Erecta fully established its integrated production system.
Sendai Sales Office opened.
1993 The "Hot & Cold" Service Cart was developed and launched.
1994 Headquarter moved to Tokyo City, Meguro Ward. A sales office opened within the old Gassho-style house.
Home-use Erecta shelving was developed and launched as "Home Erecta."
1997 Erecta started to import and promote "STARSYS" carts and cabinets for Hospital usage from InterMetro, U.S.A.
Super Erecta Shelving and Rubbermaid Brute Container received "Long Life Design" Award.
1998 Erecta developed and launched "Nesting Tray Carts," a cart used for the removal of trays and dishes after meals.

Erecta approached its first century establishment.

2000 Headquarter moved to Shibuya Cross Tower in Tokyo City, Shibuya Ward.
"ERGOSERV" and "ERGOSERT" re-heating systems were imported and launched in Japan from the French Company called Socamel.
2001 A "Test Kitchen" facility was opened in Tokyo City, Setagaya Ward.
2002 Erecta Kofu Distribution Center was opened.
Erecta International Corporation obtained ISO9001 certification.
Food pan & tray storage and transport "PT Flex" system were developed and launched.
2003 Headquarter and sales offices obtained ISO14001 certification.
ERECTA Shanghai Int'l Corporation was established in China, Shanghai.
2007 In order to assist the customer in regard to the cool and chill systems, a consultant room was established.
2008 Erecta Kogyo Co., Ltd. and Erecta International Corporation merged. Erecta Kogyo became Kofu Factory.
2009 "Double Wall Insulated" products were imported from Vollrath,U.S.A and launched in Japan.
2011 Headquarter moved to Tokyo City, Meguro Ward, Nakameguro GT Tower Building.
The "Super Erecta PRO" was launched.
2013 "Thermo Future Box" products started to be imported from the German Company called Barth and launched in Japan.
2015 "Eisfink" products started to be imported from the German Company called Rieber and launched in Japan.
2016 50th anniversary of the establishment of Erecta International Corporation.
2018 Erecta started to import "Metro Max 4" from InterMetro, U.S.A.