The vision of our company is to "Be an adventurer like Marco Polo who had challenged every new world" and provide our customers with unchallenging products.

Erecta was established in 1966 when it gained exclusive rights to sell the "Erecta Shelves" from InterMetro, U.S.A. Erecta has become a symbol for "Wire Shelving Company" and built its trust in the Food Service, Commercial Products (hotel, restaurants), Industrial Products (factory, laboratory and logistics), Healthcare and Home-Use Industries. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of storage and transport products based on the idea of "TRANSTORAGE".

From a "shelving" company and through a strong partnership with oversea partners, such as InterMetro and Rubbermaid, U.S.A., Erecta has expanded its product categories to meet the continuously needs of Japanese customers. To create a better and comfortable future, Erecta strives and continues to offer reliable and high-quality products which are practical, safe and economical.

In 2016, Erecta will celebrate its 50th anniversary. I would like to thank all of our customers and assure them that for the next half-century Erecta will manufacture high-quality products to meet the daily changing demands and customer satisfaction.

President, Tsukasa Yanagiya